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Delphi2009 Update 2放出!

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  • 摘要:CodeGear官方放出了Update2,下面是官方的说明。CodeGearannouncedUpdate2officelly.ThisupdatebringsupdatesfordatabaseandDataSnap.ThedeveloperswhouseDataSnapandwanttoaccessDataSnapWin32serverthrough.NETclientapplications,update2ismandatory.Toupgrade
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CodeGear官方放出了Update 2,下面是官方的说明。

CodeGear announced Update 2 officelly.

This update brings updates for database and DataSnap. The developers who use DataSnap and want to access DataSnap Win32 server through .NET client applications, update 2 is mandatory.
To upgrade, shutdown your IDE and use the Check for Updates from your Delphi or download the update 2 from registered users area:

The list of fixes is available at:

Below is the address in,althought you aren't the regesetered user.

Delphi C++Builder 2009 Update2 Download(下载):

由于Update2 主要针对数据库相关的组件进行了更新,应此,不用破解。
As the Update 2 is aimed Database featrues,No Crack is needed.
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